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Victoria Falls Bungee

Following the incident on 31st December at the Victoria Falls Bridge where a bungee cord broke resulting in a tourist from Australia falling into the waters from a height of approximately 20 metres, the following preliminary measures have been implemented to safeguard the activity:

• All previous bungee cords have been removed from the system which was made from the same batch of rubber as that used to make the failed cord. These have been retained for further testing.

• An entirely new set of bungee cords have been installed on the system. These have been extensively load-tested, inspected thoroughly and are fail-safe for the strain of bungee jumping.

• In addition to normal checks and procedures, FURTHER checks have instigated additional daily and intermittent checks on the bungee cords to ensure that these checks and procedures are more than sufficient for client safety.

• The operators offering bungee jumping as an activity are now deploying their own crew to conduct test jumps before the commencement of daily operations and throughout the day.

• Experts in South Africa have been contacted and are expected on site to help with on-going investigations as to the cause of the incident.

• The broken cord has been carefully stored and will short be sent to South Africa for forensic testing.

• A qualified river guide with first aid certification and the necessary safety and recovery equipment have been positioned in the gorge below the bridge. In light of the above, Victoria Falls Bungee are entirely satisfied that everything humanly possible has been done to ensure the safety of its clients and bungee jumping operations have now recommenced without further incident.

We would like to take this opportunity to admire the Australian lady’s bravery and survival skills which contributed significantly to her rescue. Her continued positive disposition and strength of character is an inspiration to us all. On behalf of all involved in the tourism industry, we deeply regret the incident, which is the first such incident in 17 years of operation, during which time more than 150,000 people have safely jumped from the bridge. Should you have any further queries please contact Victoria Falls Bungee on; info@victoriafallsbungee.com