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Tourism Minister Bungee Jumps

Zambia's tourism minister bungee jumps at Victoria Falls to reassure visitors after a snapped rope sent backpacker plunging. Zambia's tourism minister Given Lubinda made a bungee jump from the Victoria Falls to reassure visitors, after a rope snapped sending an Australian woman plunging into the Zambezi River over New Year. Given Lubinda took the brave step last week on Monday after shocking footage was shown around the world of the jump by a 22-year-old Australian which nearly ended in a catastrophe. The backpacker miraculously survived despite being plunged head first into the rapids when the bungee cord snapped as she leaped from the 360 foot high bridge over the falls on New Year's Eve. Chilling footage of her fall was posted on Youtube and became an online sensation, sparking a string of headlines around the world about the incident. The young Australian received expert medical attention in South Africa, is now well and is an inspiration to us all!


We hope other tourism minsters will follow this example in similar situations!