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Luwawa International Mountain Bike Race 2011

The Luwawa International Mountain Bike Race is taking place once again in northern Malawi, for the eighth time. This time it will be held on Saturday 11th June 2011. Due to the race’s huge success, it has been internationally accredited and internationally calendared! The UCI have given the race the title of an ‘International Event’, which can count for national teams as a part of Olympic qualification.

This is the 8th annual event and any profit from the race will go to The Luwawa Environmental Trust, which is helping to improve local schools and conserve the indigenous forest in the area. Cyclists can also be independently sponsored for any charity of their choice. Companies who wish to sponsor this high profile event can contact Mr. George Wardlow the race organizer and owner of the Luwawa Forest Lodge.The race will take a circular trail around Luwawa and the South Viphya Forest reserve, so the cyclists will have a taste of the best there is to offer from this fantastically breathtaking area!