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Latest Security Update in Kenya

In a statement on 10th January 2012, the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) wishes to advise as follows;

General Security in the Country 

The country enjoyed a peaceful Christmas season with no security incidents reported in all the tourism areas. Regions in close proximity to the Kenya-Somalia Border remain “no go” areas and this shall continue for the foreseeable future as there are still concerns about these locations. It is worth pointing out that there are no tourist attractions in these locations and no tours are presently conducted here.

Region Specific Advice

Urban Areas

The major towns of Nairobi and Mombasa continue to maintain a very high level of security alertness and personal safety has now become almost a way of life. Visitors (residents and foreigners) should expect to see high levels of security checks in most places visited - including shopping malls and general public areas. These checks are not in response to any specific known threat, but are precautions to ensure the safety of all visiting these locations. These concerns are not connected to any specific threat, but the Kenyan authorities have increased security significantly, with the aim of preventing any attempt by terrorists to carry out a reprisal attack in the capital city. The enhanced security measures have been put in effect in all the major public areas of Nairobi including shopping malls, international hotels and places where international visitors gather to ensure their continued safety.

Parks and Reserves

The Parks and Reserves continue to be safe locations for visitors, offering excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Coastal Areas


The past security concerns regarding Lamu and its environs were addressed through improved surveillance and patrols. Although the area remains within the 150 km that is of concern to most source markets, KTF is confident that recent security measures introduced by the Government have gone a long way towards making the area safe for resumed visitation. They continue to monitor the situation closely and will advise should there be any concern that arises.


There is some very welcome news from the North Coast, where for the first time in several years visitors are now able to have their beach beds right on the beach as opposed to being restricted to having them next to the swimming pools. This is thanks to an initiative by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) that has seen them embark on a pilot Beach Management Programme. Visitors to the 12 kilometre stretch between Serena and Nyali can now be assured of peaceful enjoyment of the beach. KWS will patrol the beach day and night so as to ensure the maximum security for guests. The program will be extended to other beach areas after the pilot period. The campaign against the Al Shabaab insurgents is said to be yielding fruit and although the necessary intervention has had a high cost to Kenya, the country is looking at the very real possibility that the Horn of Africa will finally have the much needed peace the region requires.

KTF would like to reassure all intending visitors to Kenya that all possible efforts are being made to ensure your safety while in Kenya. Visitors are also urged to ensure that their travel plans are arranged through reputable and licensed tour operators who are always kept informed by the 24Hr Safety and Communication Centre of any developments in the various locations.Therefore we will continue to keep a close eye on all locations that attract a tourist interest and endeavour to inform and update you should there be any concerns that need to be communicated.

Please contact us for further information or email operations@ktf.co.ke