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Africa's most respected guide - The Sunday Times, UK, March 2011

If you want to encounter a truly special safari, then visit Liuwa Plain in Zambia with Robin Pope.

This vast open plain lies west of the Zambezi River, on the Angolan Border. 
Robin used to lead expeditions in Liuwa in the 1990s and has recently started operating in the area again.
This is a unique opportunity to visit this isolated and rarely visited national park.

Liuwa Plain National Park is situated in a remote section of Western Zambia. Few people have ventured into the Liuwa Plain due to its relative inaccessibility. However the prolific birdlife, vast open grasslands and wildebeest migration make it one of Africa's last true wildernesses.

The Liuwa Plain is probably best known for Africa’s second largest blue wildebeest migration of around 30,000, including herds of zebra, red lechwe, oribi, steinbuck and more. The predominant predator is the hyena which competes with the wild dog and occasional cheetah. Lions used to be common but there is now a reintroduction program in place. Africa Parks has recently re-introduced eland and buffalo and their numbers are expected to increase.

The birding is always a highlight and the many water species inhabit the many water filled pans. The area is famous for its abundant birdlife as a mix of plains and woodland allow a larger diversity of species. More unusual species include pink throated longclaw, sooty chat, black winged pratincoles and wattled cranes. The rolling grasslands and diversity give rise to many superb photographic opportunities.

Visits are made during two periods - November and December which are the start of the rains with big storms passing through; when the wildebeest drop their young, the migrant birds arrive and flowers bloom everywhere!

But by mid December it is inaccessible - the floods move in and Robin and his team move out. The earliest you can drive back in is early May when the pans are full, birds are everywhere and the game is looking sleek, fat and happy! This is a wonderful time to visit with clear blue skies - you feel you can run forever across the plain!

The safaris are 4 or 5 nights, starting with a charter flight from Lusaka of 2+ hours to Kalabo. You will be met by Robin and his team and drive the two or so hours onto the plain and on to camp.

Departure Dates
May, June, November and December

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